Oracle 11g XE install on Ubuntu 14/16

After Ubuntu downloaded and installed.

First install Java:


Reload sources:


result should be:

Second: Download and prepare Oracle DB

Copy the downloaded file and paste it in home directory.

Unzip using the command:

Install required packages using the command:

Enter into the Disk1 folder using command:

Convert RPM package format to DEB package format (that is used by Ubuntu) using the command:

Create the required chkconfig script using the command:

The pico text editor is started and the commands are shown at the bottom of the screen. Now copy and paste the following into the file and save:

Change the permission of the chkconfig file using the command:

Set kernel parameters. Oracle 11gR2 XE requires additional kernel parameters which you need to set using the command:

Copy the following into the file and save:

Verify the change using the command:

You should see what you entered earlier. Now load the kernel parameters:

Verify the new parameters are loaded using:

You should see the file-max value that you entered earlier.

Set up /dev/shm mount point for Oracle. Create the following file using the command:

Copy the following into the file and save.

Change the permissions of the file using the command:

Now execute the following commands:

Install Oracle

Install the oracle DBMS using the command:

Configure Oracle using the command:

Setup environment variables by editting your .bashrc file:

Add the following lines to the end of the file:

Load the changes by executing your profile:

Start the Oracle 11gR2 XE:

Add user YOURUSERNAME to group dba using the command:


src: and

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