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IDEA linux – import module hanging

I tried IDEA on linux. OF course, It started with gooling 😀

I tried to import the modules, but hanged… (on a freshly created project, with import maven modules)


The resolution was:

File -> invalidate caches and restart


Apache CXF Without spring

I found a very good blog post about that topic, here:

I copied there, to be here also for the future:

Apache CXF First JAX-WS (SOAP Web Service) Example (CXFNonSpringServlet)

The most of the people think that the Apache CXF supports only to develop Spring based Web Services. this is NOT true. is supports to build both Spring based and Non spring based web services.
1. CXFServlet –  this will support for the Spring based web services.
2. CXFNonSpringServlet –  this will support for the non spring web services.the purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to develop non spring based web service with Apache CXF. i have already developed and  tetsed the service with SoapUI. i am just sharing the source code for your reference.the project structure looks as below.,


the following is the Service Endpoint Interface(SEI).

the following is the Service Implementation Bean (SIB)

the custom implementation for the CXFNonSpringServlet.



Source code can be downloaded at :-

Chathuranga Tennakoon