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Dell Media Driect 3.5 Codec telepítése

  1. What do you need:
    – Ext2 Installable File System for Windows
    So we can read the file system of the MediaDirect partition in Vista
    – Sysinternals Process Explorer
    – K-lite codec pack STANDARD (not the FULL version!)
  2. Installing Ext2 support for Vista:
    Don’t run the setup by double-clicking it, run it as administrator (Right-click -> Run as Administrator)
    After installation, restart windows.
  3. Now open explorer and you’ll see a new partition with the name “MEDIADIRECT”.
  4. Unzip and rename “procexp.exe” to “taskmgr.exe”.
  5. Place taskmgr.exe on the MEDIADIRECT partition in the“windows/system32/” folder
  6. Place the k-lite setup somewhere on the MEDIADIRECT partition.
  7. Shutdown windows and now start MediaDirect.
  8. When in MediaDirect hold the power button of your laptop for about 5 seconds. This makes sure it wil have to boot up from scratch when we boot it again.
  9. Now start MediaDirect again. While the stripped version from windows xp is starting up, you’ll see a blue desktop for a short second. Here you press “ctrl+shift+esc”, be fast… ;)
  10. ProcessExplorer should start now. In ProcessExplorer click File->Run… and run “explorer”. OK.
  11. Go to the K-lite setup file we placed on the partition earlier, install it and we’re done!