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oh-my-zsh p10k git branch name shortened

I use this and I experiened like this:

The branch name is shortened and can’t read.

So I have to change this line in `~/.p10k.zs` The line is AROUND at line 400 :

from: (( $#branch > 32 )) && branch[13,-13]="…" # <-- this line

to: (( $#branch > 40 )) && branch[20,-20]="…" # <-- this line.
It the branch name is over 40 char, It wil be cut from the 20th chat til the last 20 char.

src: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61667666/keep-git-branch-name-untruncated-in-shell-using-p10k-oh-my-zsh-theme